Robert Lewis

About Robert Lewis

Forty plus years after learning to take pictures in Times Square, Central Park, and the Village, I still love it. Home is Santa Fe New Mexico which has almost as many wonderful places to photograph as it does photographers.  The old Nikons and Leicas and the home darkrooms, usually the kitchen or bathroom, have been replaced by newer Nikons, Leicas, and Imacs.  Aperture and Photoshop shorten the still illusory road to the perfect print. But the excitement remains. 

Most of these pictures have been taken with digital Nikons, a few with film on Leicas.  I try to use Photoshop the same way as I worked in the old darkroom. Save the shadows and highlights, get the contrast right, and leave it alone. 

The pictures reflect where I've lived and worked... Small towns in Ohio and Iowa, big cities, two years in southern Switzerland, back near New York, and now the Southwest.  

These pictures are available either as reprints through the commercial lab as priced, or from me. Please let me know if you are interested in signed reprints of whatever size.

I can be reached at my website, by direct email at,  or by phone, 505 982 2503